Terms and Conditions

Contract of purchase conclusion

  1. Offer of goods in terms of e-shop is only the presentation of selling goods and itself it is not the proposal for the conclusion of contract of purchase in terms of prov. § 1732 par 2 of Civil Code. Only properly filled out inquiry from a buyer delivered to the reseller is ment as the proposal for the conclusion of the contract of purchase.
  2. Contractual relationship arises by realization of the inquiry from the offer in e-shop between the buyer and the reseller. The reseller is responsible for the goods sale and delivery to the customer.
  3. Before sending the inquiry to the reseller, the buyer is enabled to check and change datas, that the buyer entered into the enquiry, with reference to the possibility of the buyer to find and correct the mistakes arised during entering datas into the enquiry. The buyer sends the inquiry to the reseller by clicking on the button „Finish iquiry“. The datas mentioned in the inquiry are considerd correct from the buyer. After receiving the inquiry from the buyer, a confirmation will be immediately sent by e-mail. By the confirmation of inquiry receiving, the proposal  for the conclusion of contract of purchase is confirmed.
  4. The contract of purchase between the reseller and the buyer originates through the acceptance of the proposal for the conclusion of contract by the reseller. The reseller confirms the acceptance of the proposal for the contract conclusion to e-mail address mentioned by the buyer in his order.
  5. The contract of purchase adheres to the trading conditions of the reseller.
  6. The prices in internet trade can continuously change according to the situation in the market and as the result of price influences. The price of goods quoted in the inquiry is only a recommended sale price. The final price is the matter of agreement between the reseller and buyer.


Personal datas’ protection

By the inquiry realization in the range of e-shop the buyer gives his permision to the reseller for the processing and gathering his personal data as far as name, surname, e-mail address and phone number in the customers’ database with the view of marketing, offering other goods and possible further bussiness cooperation, and so till the time, before the buyer delivers his disapproval to such a processing.

These conditions come into force from 1.4.2017.

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